“The way we think about charity is dead wrong”

I do love trawling through TED.com, of a Saturday evening, in search of an inspiring new video to make me feel like my Big Night In has not been entirely unproductive. Such is how I stumbled across Dan Pallotta‘s talk about our interpretation of charity in the Western world (he refers specifically to the United States but I would argue that his message applies to a broader geographical audience).

He discusses the idea, for example, that non-profits should be treated as if they were for-profit organisations in order to best meet their goals and maximise their impact. The subject of Pallotta’s argument definitely struck a chord with me, given that I’m investing my time, energy and even eventual career hopes in my placement with Restless Development.

In any case, I think there’s a lot of truth to what he has to say and his is a very thought-provoking speech. Worth a watch, if you have 18 minutes to spare.

Unfotunately I can't insert the video directly, so click here to watch on TED.com

Unfotunately I can’t insert the video directly, so click here or on the image above to be taken to TED.com


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