3 months reduced to 60 Litres

With only 24 hours until I hop on a plane bound for Zambia, the packing has begun.

With 3 Boots bags’ worth of essential toiletries and hand sanitizer taking up a good majority of my 22kg, I will most likely be wearing my wardrobe on the plane. And let us not forget poor Keith the ukulele, whose place on that flight is my highest priority.

All of this...

All of this…

...Has to fit in here.

…Has to fit in here.

This packing business has been nothing but educational. I’ve been happily surprised by the number of useful items that I never knew existed until they made their way into my mountain of travel must’s. I can’t imagine feeling as prepared for my trip without my pegless washing line, silk sleeping bag liner and travel laundry detergent.

 My past record indicates that I’m bound to forget something, but with the help of Restless Development’s extensive packing list, a well-traveled sister and a cousin living in Zambia to help with packing advice, I’m feeling optimistic. (I’m not entirely convinced that 80 ziplock bags are  necessary but I look forward to being proven wrong.)

Travel motto of the day: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

You might hear from me tomorrow, you might not. The next time I write may be from Zambia – how exciting!


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