Goal-setting 101

As it dawned on me that my being in Zambia had a time limit I started to worry about the sustainability of our work in the community. During exam week, when the children were either revising, bored or both, I went to the school with Moono, an ICS colleague, to teach Grade 8 for an hour. We talked about the importance of setting goals and having dreams and we asked the class a question:

What is a goal you have for your future and what will you do to achieve it?

Each of the pupils had a small piece of paper upon which they wrote their answers. Some were funny, some incredibly poignant, some had clearly misunderstood the question.

This particular lesson taught me a great deal about the place I was working in and the people I was working for. Well into my ICS placement I had put myself in a position where I was forced to see the brutal realities of the students’ lives. I am still digesting their answers, and my reactions still vary from laughter to anger.

With the hope of a continuing theme throughout my coming blog posts, I will put up some scans of the children’s responses to my question along with my commentary on that particular response. More to follow…


2 thoughts on “Goal-setting 101

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