Happy Zambian Independence Day!

49 years ago today Zambia gained independence from British rule.

Today is also United Nations Day, the anniversary of the 1945 Charter of the United Nations.

And it is my birthday. Lots to celebrate.

With several hours of video stashed somewhere on my hard drive, there’s no time like the present to start sorting it into a series of short films.

Here is the first installation, titled Kumwesu from the Bemba word meaning ‘home’. I asked a few of our friends on placement to describe their impressions of the UK and then to articulate what they think Zambia has to offer the British traveler. Their responses are perhaps not entirely surprising, but it was nonetheless an interesting insight into the perceptions of Britain as seen from the developing world.

In addition to my own video, I have just stumbled across the below FIFA Futbol Mundial feature that documents the work of a charity based in the suburbs of Lusaka, Africa On The Ball. Having myself spent many a weekend on placement watching the local football teams battle it out on the field behind our little house, the video and the AOTB mission struck a chord with the Matukan in me. Well worth the 5 minute watch.


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