A Christmas Charity FUNdraiser

Restless Development and the International Citizen Service programme have done a huge amount for me. They have paid to vaccinate me, train me, and fly me to Zambia. They have taught me about development around the globe and locally in our Zambian and British communities. They have offered me the chance to change the world a tiny bit – and even if, in fact, I haven’t changed anything (yet!) they have offered me the chance to believe that I can.

They have done the same for over 10,000 others.* And that is not to mention all of the countless lives they have touched through their volunteers.

Which is why, this Christmas, I am fundraising for Restless Development so that they can continue to work with young people in the UK and in developing countries to help improve the lives of people in developing nations.

If you’d like to take part in a little fundraising activity I’ve organised, take part in The Bear’s Name Game and donate £3 for your chance to win a big and cuddly stuffed teddy bear!

Or, if that’s not your style, feel free to head to my JustGiving page to donate any amount – big or small – for any of the fundraising activities that I’m trying to pull off. Any support you can give is hugely appreciated!


*ICS has now worked with over 10,000 volunteers in the UK and abroad


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