3 months reduced to 60 Litres

With only 24 hours until I hop on a plane bound for Zambia, the packing has begun. With 3 Boots bags’ worth of essential toiletries and hand sanitizer taking up a good majority of my 22kg, I will most likely be wearing my wardrobe on the plane. And let us not forget poor Keith the ukulele, whose…

How to be really good at injections

For those of you who have never had the privilege of accompanying me to the doctor’s office, you have missed out on something truly special. For those of you who have been blessed with such a luxury, I congratulate you. (Overachiever that I am, I was the only student in a school of 600 allowed…

A win for us all

So there it is: I’ve surpassed my target by over £100! I have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of my family, friends, friends-of-friends and complete strangers. I wish I could thank everyone personally, but for now I suggest you give yourselves a pat on the back and I shall be thinking of you…

The Final Fundraiser

In my ongoing effort to hit my £800 fundraising target, I have not left the kitchen for a week. Well, perhaps I am exaggerating but considering I normally take the ‘I Only Cook to Eat’ stance on culinary activity, the past few days have been fairly full-on.

Fundraising Dinner, Part II

To read the prequel to this post, Part I, click here. Last night saw round two of my fabulous 3-course dinner installment. With one success story under my belt, I went into the event quite confident of my recently discovered culinary prowess. So confident, in fact, that I didn’t even draw up a plan this…

Fundraising Dinner, Part I

On Monday evening, I hosted my very first grown-up dinner party in order to earn some donations for my fundraising effort. I’m getting closer to my £800 target, but I thought it would be a good idea to bring in the big guns: family members.

Embarking on a new adventure, and other clichés

Late last night I arrived back home after a great weekend in Birmingham, where I spent three days training for my upcoming project in Zambia with 23 other ICS volunteers. Some were headed for South Africa, others for Sierra Leone and a small group of five of us bound for the landlocked state of Zambia.