Goal-setting 101

As it dawned on me that my being in Zambia had a time limit I started to worry about the sustainability of our work in the community. During exam week, when the children were either revising, bored or both, I went to the school with Moono, an ICS colleague, to teach Grade 8 for an…

3 months reduced to 60 Litres

With only 24 hours until I hop on a plane bound for Zambia, the packing has begun. With 3 Boots bags’ worth of essential toiletries and hand sanitizer taking up a good majority of my 22kg, I will most likely be wearing my wardrobe on the plane. And let us not forget poor Keith the ukulele, whose…

The Final Fundraiser

In my ongoing effort to hit my £800 fundraising target, I have not left the kitchen for a week. Well, perhaps I am exaggerating but considering I normally take the ‘I Only Cook to Eat’ stance on culinary activity, the past few days have been fairly full-on.

Embarking on a new adventure, and other clichés

Late last night I arrived back home after a great weekend in Birmingham, where I spent three days training for my upcoming project in Zambia with 23 other ICS volunteers. Some were headed for South Africa, others for Sierra Leone and a small group of five of us bound for the landlocked state of Zambia.